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I canceled the Hat/ Slap giveaway. And here's why…. The bullying thin…


I canceled the Hat/ Slap giveaway. And here's why….

The bullying thing has come up again. And whether or not the "child" in question is actually an adult taking people for a ride or not, people started commented their bullying stories. I read one particular comment on the fox 12 Oregon news page that really got me in the feels. So after talking with Kyle, learning his story and all, I decided to give him the contest prize. He opened my eyes to what childhood bullying can do to a person, throughout their life, growing up into adulthood. Keep up the good work Kyle. Even though we may never meet in person, just know that there's people out there proud of you, and rooting for you. #munchlove #marijuanaunchained

Here's his comment…..

"I can totally relate, I was bullied the whole time I was in school, up until 10th grade when I dropped out and just got my GED from Chemeketa. It's horrible the way some kids are treated in school, it REALLY does change your whole life and the way you react and trust people as an adult. I can only imagine the things that could have been if I wasnt treated so badly, There wasn't one day that I can remember that I didn't get it one way or another from the main bully or one of his lackeys. I can't stress enough how important this is!!!!
It killed my character, It killed my self esteem, I literally hated myself to the point where I believed I deserved it, I then started drinking Alcohol around age 13-14 because it numbed the pain and made me…..Well feel nothing I guess. Eventually it freed me (So I thought) from the chains that held me down, I could hang out with people and if I was drinking I didn't get picked on to much. So I learned to use alcohol to protect myself from the ones that liked to poke and prod by drinking with them and doing stupid stuff that made them laugh….Anyways.
I am a Broken man today still because of some of the things that were done to me as a kid, Buuut I am making GIANT strides to become the very best Kyle Gamble that I can be. 14.5 Months Sober!!!! And everyday I get stronger! Thank you for taking the time to read a little peak into my life, And please remember we all have our problems, let's not judge others on theirs." – Kyle Gamble.



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